Welcome to the irresistable world of Kush Cabaret, where you'll find a cast of theatrical musicians and circus artists devoted to a very special genre of live entertainment. Based in Sydney, Australia, Kush produces scintillating musical cabaret stage shows and a range of amazing musical stilt walking acts.

The Kush Show is a world inspired by the performers irreverence and play, and this passion is infectious. Audience members become mesmerized as they are drawn into a fantasy where music and dance can make anything possible. Meet the sweet and sultry clarinettist who performs dare devil acts of fire eating, fire fakir and fire twirling. The dancing showgirl who flirts with her feather fans and belly dance routines, before joining the band with dynamic drumming.
The dashing violinist drawing the ladies into the romance behind his bow, and the cool charm of the piano accordionist, driving the music with it's exciting gypsy burlesque sound.

This dazzling cast combine dance, circus skills and character performance with virtuoso musical talent, transporting the audience from the intimacy of a Parisian cafe, to a tango dance hall, to a Cairo night club, in a celebration of love, passion and humour. Come and join them for a drink at the Kush Bar. You're all invited

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